New Complex


It is time for a place that our local athletes, families, and fans can call home.



UCC Athletic received notice from JC REP - that is employed by the City of Jefferson and Cole County - that the Tax Incentive has been delayed. A meeting was held on 4/18/24 with JC REP, Farmer Companies, Sircal, and CMPS to adjust timeline due to this delay. The Tax Incentive now is to be approved in the Fall of 2024. Deed Transfer will be prepped and ready for signatures the same week. Sircal plans to begin excavating the Rock Quarry when the Deed Transfer is complete. UCC Athletic appreciates your patience in this matter as we understand the frustration. This has been a 2.5 year process, but all good things come to those that wait.

It's important to note that the Tax Incentive/TIF is for the surrounding properties owned by the land donor. 

In the meantime, UCC and Sircal are working hard on project items within our control, such as mechanical and electrical plans, final plans for the building and pavilion, site plans and initial bids for our Capital Campaign budget. The UCC Board and Transition Committee want to reiterate that all projects’ costs to date and future costs are expensed through the generous donation UCC received for project start-up. Club registration fees paid by you, the member, goes strictly to the operations of the club and NOT the project.

United Capital City (UCC) Soccer Club has been developing young athletes, girls and boys alike, ages 8U to 19U for nearly two decades. We foster the competitive nature of Central Missouri athletes by elevating their play, developing their leadership, and most importantly, unlocking their potential. UCC strives to build a strong foundation of fundamentals and provide the opportunity for athletes to achieve the next level. 

UCC families throughout Central Missouri typically travel 1-2 days weekly, all over the state to maintain their competitive edge. Working in partnership with the Jefferson City Area YMCA, Jefferson City Parks & Recreation, SLYSA, MYSA, Heartland Soccer, Lou Fusz Athletic, and Special Olympics Missouri, we encourage our athletes to embrace adversity in all aspects of their life (spiritually, academically, and physically), positively influence their teammates, and better their community.

Mid-America Bank Sports Complex will be a multi-purpose facility. GPS guided robots (that line the fields) will allow UCC Athletic to transform the soccer facility into a baseball and softball complex.  This flexibility will provide more opportunities to the community and allow UCC Athletic to expand its membership.

We aim to fulfill our mission — “to ensure all athletes have the access, ability, and opportunity to play sports.”

Mid-America Bank Sports Complex will benefit our entire local community. Incorporation of local, regional, and statewide tournaments and events, will allow athletes and families from a 9-State Region to compete, which in-turn will directly stimulate our economy. According to the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau, ”a complex with 4-6 synthetic turf fields has the potential on any given weekend to draw thousands of athletes and fans to our community, rather than away. Effectively, we will become a destination for families all throughout the Midwest.”

Understanding the need and collaborating with the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau, we believe that a 1-day tournament can bring revenue of up to $100,000 for our local economy. A 2-3 day tournament can gross up to an estimated $750,000 to $1 million.*

Local hotels, restaurants, and local businesses will greatly benefit from the regional tournaments. Regardless of the size of the tournament, when we become a destination event, the economics follow. Our community and local businesses will be blessed with outside revenue streams, and our families will save expenses that may be reinvested back into our community.

Transforming our community to a weekend destination and saving our local residents an insurmountable amount of time and money in travel, fees, and overnight stays. 

Mid-America Bank Sports Complex will unite a 9-State Region — bringing together teams and athletes from all over the Midwest; including Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa for the first time. This unique opportunity can create a return with exponential dividends, pouring directly into our local economy and our local community! 

*Source: Destinations International Event Impact Calculator


Bringing THOUSANDS of ATHLETES regionally to play — with the goal to expand our membership from 330 to 1000. 


Eliminating the current barriers for athletes and their families, the UCC Soccer Complex can unlock the athlete(s) ability to achieve the next level. 




Property/Land $3,500,000
Civil & Building Concrete $1,000,000
Turf $1,100,000
Electrical $900,000
Excavation/Blasting/Grading $1,200,000
Sewer/Plumbing/HVAC $180,000
Sports Netting/Fence $960,000
Building $1,375,000
Contingency $510,750
TOTAL BUDGET $10,725,750

UCC Soccer Complex Brochure